Meeting the Lover

Facilitated by Rupert Alison & Cathryn Jiggens

You are invited to spend a weekend sharing pleasurable, transformative and intimate quality time with your partner – whilst learning some great tantric tools to take away with you afterwards. What we call ‘tantra’ refers to a wide variety of different practices and techniques, both old and new, aimed at exploring and expanding our experience of what it is to be human. As we meet our partner more deeply, we also inhabit our own, inner lover, more fully.

You can join us just for Saturday, just for Sunday, or for both days.

‘Celebration’ Saturday:
We will awaken and exchange energy through tantric techniques, and explore practices to take us deeper into our own essential truths, cultivating greater presence for sharing and listening with our partner. This will provide the foundation for an afternoon inspired by Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent” teachings. This elegantly simple map really helps unpick common pitfalls and blind spots in our exchanges with our partner, and shows us how to step beyond our familiar roles, into more intimate, playful and pleasurable ways of being together.

‘Intimate’ Sunday:
We will explore another map – that of the elements – in the context of intimate massage. This teaching was evolved by Cathryn through her tantric massage practice, and our experience that there are as many types of touch as there are different body-types and personalities. The four elements provide both a set of principles and a map, which can ensure our touch is not limited by any fixed ideas about what a massage ‘should’ be like – whilst also being deeply responsive to the unique physical and energetic qualities of our partner. This enables a more profound and alive sense of connection and pleasure for both giver and receiver.

The Sunday teaching will include full body and (optional) genital touch. The genital touch will not be anatomically specific but will instead focus on using the elements to encourage an exploration of variety in sensation, using awareness and communication to discover exactly what types of touch you and your partner enjoy.

Cathryn and Rupert hold a safe, inclusive space, which welcomes people of all genders, identities and sexual orientations. The workshop will be suitable for all configurations of couples and partners. Teachings will be geared towards two people – however, if you wish to attend as a group of three or poly family, please contact us to discuss ways to participate.

About Rupert:
Rupert creates powerful, healing and playful spaces for meeting self and other using tantra, conscious kink, and ecstatic dance. He has been holding sacred space for groups since 1992, and co-directed the OxfordTantra Wave for five years. He has studied with and assisted many renowned teachers and is a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra and a qualified teacher at the School of Being. Visit Rupert’s website at:

About Cathryn:
Cathryn has a passion for supporting people in practical ways to deepen their ecstatic potential. She has studied in depth for many years with the world’s best teachers of tantra, shamanism and bioenergetics. She continues to test and evolve the latest sexuality and relationship teachings, in response to questions brought to her thriving session practice. To read more on her own journey through the wheel of consent visit her website:

Together, Cathryn and Rupert are currently teaching a series of tantra weekends for couples in Estonia.

Please direct any queries to

1 day – £150 per couple
2 days – £250 per couple
Earlybird (paid in full before 31st March):
1 day – £120 per couple
2 days – £200 per couple