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Conscious Touch

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Conscious Touch
Inviting the Sensual, the Intimate and the Playful16th April 2016
£65 – £55 before 1st April
Yogasara, 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA

Experience a day of delight, self-enquiry and exploration hosted by Rob McGhee (Systemic Constellations Network – Bristol) and Uma Laurence Clapdorp (www.slowing-down.com).

In this workshop you’ll explore how to fully enjoy your sensual self and connect with your juiciness. We’ll shed light upon the blocks that hold you back and how you can free your life energy whilst creating a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Conscious Touch is fun, encouraging and challenging. The day will include group processes, practices rooted in Tantra and play.

18+ Open to couples and individuals. No previous experience is required.

The facilitators aim to create a safe space, where everyone engages with respect and integrity. The workshop may involve some level of nakedness. There will be a strong emphasis on respecting boundaries and you always have the choice to take part or not, and to the degree that suits you.

Arrive at 10am for a start at 10:15am, where the doors will be closed to provide a safe space. The held workshop will finish at 20:30 and there will be space and time for a soft transition and socialising afterwards.

Do not miss the early bird: £55 – before and until 1st April 2016
Normal price: £65 from 2nd April 2016
(We want this work to be open to all so please talk to us if you feel money is an obstacle)

Please bring food and non-alcoholic drinks to share during the lunch buffet and nibbles for breaks, as well as sarong, blanket, massage sheet and comfortable layered clothing. We will provide a selection of teas and snacks too.

Uma 07533132169 www.slowing-down.com
Rob 07712196150
Email: touchbristol@hotmail.com


Deepening and Expanding- A Journey Into Tantra

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Rose Candle 2An opportunity to delve deeper into Tantra, Yourself and Your Relationship with others.

Whether you are completely new to Tantra or have been practicing for years, our workshops create a place for you to delve deeper into the fascinating and beautiful being that you are.

This weekend invites you to join us to explore, discover, connect, expand and enjoy. An empowering and fun weekend to focus on you and your relationship with life.

Hanna and João create a safe & lovingly held space for you to explore, discover and open more into your authentic and sensual self. A place for you to tune into and consciously express your wants, needs, and desires. A beautifully held container to explore what happens when you quieten the mind and begin to fully listen to the body.

Bringing awareness to your emotional responses, your sexuality, your connection to yourself and relationship to others. Shedding light on all parts of you, including those you may have kept hidden or rarely appear in your life, from your childish to your wildest side and everything in-between.

Tantra creates a way to awareness, authenticity and acceptance to all that we feel and everything that we are. Through the practice of Tantra comes emotional, spiritual and sexual healing, helping us to fully reclaim and step into our sexual power; bringing light, confidence and consciousness to all of the different parts of ourselves.

By discovering ways to empower yourself as the sexual being that you are, other areas of your life begin to blossom and expand, bringing fourth healing, awareness, pleasure, joy & transformation.

In this workshop you will:

  • Bring more awareness to blocked/stuck emotions and negative patterns that keep you from fulfilling and living your full potential & find ways to transform that.
  • Build self-confidence, consciousness and learn to express what it is you truly want & need, especially when difficult or challenging.
  • Explore ways to rid yourself of the masks you hide behind, allowing the ‘real’ you to emerge and shine through.
  • Celebrate your sensuality & creativity & become more outgoing & comfortable in your interactions with others.
  • Look at ways in which shame & unsupportive beliefs may have held you back in your work, relationships, intimacy and sexuality & how to move towards more fulfilling and loving ways of being and connecting.
  • Be encouraged to playfully interact with others from a place of innocence and transparency.
  • Find a space to give yourself permission to been seen and supported, in all your richness and variety.
  • Develop tools and knowledge to live more consciously and be more authentic in your relationships.
  • Discover the beauty & magic of connecting to others from that open and authentic space.

This workshop is an opportunity to experience a full weekend of what we offer. A space to meet like minded others, connect & have fun, whilst being provided with tools that can aid in growth & expansion.

To see what others say about our workshops, please see our website; http://www.lovingyoursensualself.com/testimonials/


Held at at lovely venue in Brighton- address to be given upon booking.

Spaces are limited!

£130 Early Bird Price if booked before 2nd of April, £160 thereafter. A £50 deposit will secure your place.

Please see website www.lovingyoursensualself.com to book, email info@lovingyoursensualself.com or call 07875 241547 for more information.

*We never want finances to be a reason anyone can’t attend our events yet we’re unable to offer free spaces in return for help. We have a team of assistants who work with us. However, we are able to look at options for those on low income and work out suitable payment that works for both. This way, one is committed to the work and therefore committed to their own process whilst also valuing themselves and our work.*

**fee is non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled, but a credit will be issued in the event of unavoidable cancellation up to 14 days before the workshop begins. **


We welcome everyone- from beginners and more advanced, all backgrounds/ walks of life, singles/couples, all genders/sexual orientations, beliefs & experience. Nudity may feature in this workshop but this is always optional and always respectful.

Surrendering Into The Feminine ~ A Full Moon Deep Dive ~

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Saturday, 21st May 11:00-19:30

BrightonSurrendering IntoWith Hanna Angell & Lara Barge
Book Your Place Here


Come and cultivate divine sisterhood and nourish your soul whilst being held and witnessed in ways that everyday life doesn’t always provide.

Women- Are you looking for ways to understand and embrace yourself, to embody your power & your sexuality?

Are you feeling the need to focus on yourself and find ways to honour and nourish yourself fully?
Do you long to connect with other women in a soft, gentle, lovingly held space where you can be embraced, encouraged and celebrated together for the magnificence that you are?
We lovingly invite you to join us for this deeply nourishing, one day workshop:

  • An opportunity to be supported and guided into coming back to your feminine radiance.
  • A place to drop deep into your womb space.
  • Be witnessed and held without judgement exactly as you.

As women it is important to drop deep into our womb wisdom and nurture our soft inner fluidity. In this busy and demanding world it can be hard to stay balanced and find the time to make space for self care.


Through all the challenges, it is so important to be sure we are living our lives in a way that sustains and supports us. Making time for deep nourishment is an important part of that.

Come and breath deeply into your core Feminine Essence.

This is a space to find balance & peace in your body and mind.

Hanna & Lara bring their warmth, experience & passion for supporting others into finding more joy, balance, harmony and empowerment into their lives.


**Booking Information**

Loving held and facilitated by Hanna & Lara Barge.
Held at at lovely venue in Brighton- address to be given upon booking.

Spaces are limited!

£65 Teas & Refreshments included.


Click Here to book your place




**We want to make our work accessible to as many as possible and therefore limited payment plans are available for those on low/no income. Please contact us for more details if you feel you need support**


For more information and to chat:

Hanna- hanna@lovingyoursensualself.com/o7875 241547

Lara- lara.therapies@gmail.com/07816 225347





Hanna is a relationship & intimacy coach & workshop facilitator with a wealth of life experience and brings her softness, energy & desire to enable others to feel truly alive, in touch with their bodies and connected to life.


Lara is a relationship coach, conflict mediator and workshop facilitator with a passion for supporting people in finding more bliss, empowerment and deeper connection in themselves and their relationships, as well as all areas of their lives.


They both live in East Sussex with their partners and travel the UK and Europe offering workshops and private sessions on Love, intimacy and sexuality.

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

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