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Foundation 1 – The Basics of Authentic Public Speaking

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Imagine what it would be like to stand in front of a group or audience and simply be yourself.  With no effort, words flow and the silences are golden.

Speaking from here is natural, effortless and is amazingly effective. Without trying, you find that you are building rapport with your audience, be it a single person, a group of co-workers, or a crowd of hundreds.  This is what the very best communicators do, and it’s what every one of us can achieve with a little help.

Townhouse 1We create a supportive environment in which participants each experience what takes place when they stand before the group. The focus is on the experience itself and how we relate to the group rather than coming up with something impressive to say. So there is nothing to prepare in advance. Those that want to can be filmed and receive a copy to view at home. We keep the numbers to max. 8 in a group to ensure quality, personal attention.

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Feel confident standing in front of an audience
  • Develop your own unique ‘voice’ and style
  • Build rapport with your audience
  • Express yourself with authenticity and clarity
  • Speak ‘off the cuff’ without notes
  • Refine your ability to give and receive appreciation

Our participants range from confident speakers who just sense there is something missing in their experience, to those with speaking anxiety. Come and be surprised, delighted and inspired by a new way of speaking.

For more information see Daniel’s website.

Daniel Kingsley

Friday, December 18th, 2015

In a former life Daniel was a barrister.  Having now done lots of tantra and meditation, he now uses his powers for good coaching people in authentic public speaking, communication and leadership.

If you want to feel genuinely confident as a leader or whenever you speak in public, or to build deep rapport and connection with any group or audience come to one of Daniel’s open courses or speak to him about individual coaching.