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Conscious Touch

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Conscious Touch
Inviting the Sensual, the Intimate and the Playful16th April 2016
£65 – £55 before 1st April
Yogasara, 10-12 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA

Experience a day of delight, self-enquiry and exploration hosted by Rob McGhee (Systemic Constellations Network – Bristol) and Uma Laurence Clapdorp (

In this workshop you’ll explore how to fully enjoy your sensual self and connect with your juiciness. We’ll shed light upon the blocks that hold you back and how you can free your life energy whilst creating a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Conscious Touch is fun, encouraging and challenging. The day will include group processes, practices rooted in Tantra and play.

18+ Open to couples and individuals. No previous experience is required.

The facilitators aim to create a safe space, where everyone engages with respect and integrity. The workshop may involve some level of nakedness. There will be a strong emphasis on respecting boundaries and you always have the choice to take part or not, and to the degree that suits you.

Arrive at 10am for a start at 10:15am, where the doors will be closed to provide a safe space. The held workshop will finish at 20:30 and there will be space and time for a soft transition and socialising afterwards.

Do not miss the early bird: £55 – before and until 1st April 2016
Normal price: £65 from 2nd April 2016
(We want this work to be open to all so please talk to us if you feel money is an obstacle)

Please bring food and non-alcoholic drinks to share during the lunch buffet and nibbles for breaks, as well as sarong, blanket, massage sheet and comfortable layered clothing. We will provide a selection of teas and snacks too.

Uma 07533132169
Rob 07712196150


Being Alive

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Uma Laurence Clapdorp

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

“I am passionate about presence, conscious movement and continually exploring the themes of flow, connection, intimacy, inner voice and relationship.”  

I am a School of Being teacher, trained in Living Tantra with Jan Day. My work is rooted in Sensitive Dance which I have practiced for 15 years and trained in with Claude Coldy.

I am also a Free The Inner Voice Facilitator (Nikki Slade) and a Thai Massage practitioner. Inspirations include Movement of Being (Fanny Behrens and Colin Harrison), 5 Rhythms, Contact Improvisation and numerous precious teachers along the way, as well as being an Architect for numerous years, working in Nature Conservation and building Communities.

In a world of busy-ness and exhaustion, Uma Laurence offers a space for groups and individuals to

  • slow down,
  • land into our human body,
  • discover the responses and resources that arise moment by moment,
  • explore the space of our verticality as humans between Earth and Sky,
  • experience being fully present.

“Each time I have taken part in one of Laurence’s classes, I have journeyed deep into my being and emerged nourished and connected. She holds a very beautiful space for conscious movement both inside and out in nature. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking somatic congruence.”  Tara Hazel Loveridge

You can reach me on 07533132169 or visit my website